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Our BMX Supercross flight school is open for all Expert and Intermediate riders (any age) at the Sarasota BMX track.

Join our flight instructors Percy Owens & Joey Leto, who will guide you to proper and safe jumping technique and how to master the 8 meter start hill, the higher speeds and the bigger jumps. It will be mandatory for all (non-pro) riders to attend the SX Flight School in order to utilize the Sarasota SX ramp on a regular basis.

If you have what it takes you will be approved by our instructors and become a certified SX pilot and receive your ‘wings’ at the Sarasota BMX track. Open for all Expert and Intermediate level riders of all ages (with parent approval). Cost per session: $25

For schedule and registration click on badge below!



We are hosting weekly clinics for both beginners and Experts


Most Saturdays at 10.00 AM (check our calendar) we host our popular Beginner Introduction class. This is for all ages who already can ride a bike (without training wheels). Our experienced instructors will teach basic BMX skills such as balancing, pedaling, start and cornering techniques. After a few classes, most riders are ready to sign up for the Novice class and start racing!


On selected Saturdays (check our calendar) we are hosting a specific Intermediate/Expert clinic for experienced BMX'ers that wants to elevate their game and start to win races. Our coach will focus on track speed/start technique and race tactics.