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As many of you know, BMX and cycling is a sport of passion. Chuck Stach Shares this passion through his 20+ years of competing in cycling. Now spending most of his two wheel time on a Mountain bike somewhere in the world, he knows what it’s like to travel and compete. Reaching the top ranks in the NBL and UCI at expert proficiency in both BMX and XC national series displays Chuck’s experiences at competing on two wheels. Since 2005, he has coached hundreds of individuals to compete at the highest level while minimizing injury. In a sport where, “it’s not if you fall, but when you fall”, this can be an issue. 


Through the 20 plus years of riding, Chuck has acquired over 27 broken bones and 25 concussions. Even after this large injury list, he is still able to compete. Through his methods of teaching you will learn how to properly apply gym workouts and strength training to the sport of BMX, MTB, Endurance racing or any other sport you plan to venture into. While, reducing the risk of injury during competition and in practice.

Charles holds a pre-medicine biology bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and an associate’s degree in Biotechnology from State College of Florida. Using his education, and professional experience in cycling he teaches his athletes to use the latest technology to their advantage. Working in conjunction with any other coaches or team members to optimize the results of his riders. At the facilities with the most advanced equipment, Chuck combines hard work with scientifically supported methods to ensure that we accomplish the most progress possible. 


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